The Importance of Hand Sanitizer In Food Processing Plants

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Why are hand sanitizers so essential?

Lack of hand hygiene is thought to be responsible for most outbreaks of foodborne illnesses, and mere soap and water are often inefficient at removing all the germs. This is because are detergent-based and do not kill bacteria. Another problem is too many people fail to clean their hands properly after coughing or sneezing, eating or drinking or visiting the washrooms. When preparing food, hands must be thoroughly washed with soap and water and then sanitized. It’s especially essential to prevent cross contamination when working with raw foods and cooked foods.
When properly used, hand sanitizers can kill 99.99% of germs on the user’s hands, but this relies on people using the proper amount, and massaging it into their hands and cuticles. It should take around 10 to 15 seconds to thoroughly sanitize hands.

Where should they be placed?

Everyone working in a food processing plant should have easy access to a hand sanitizer, and this means not having to walk too far away from their work station so they can use the product whilst working. Hand sanitizers should be placed so anyone starting or finishing work can clean their hands at the beginning and end of each shift. The best place for them to be located is beside a sink, as mechanically washing hands using hand soap, followed by using hand sanitizer has been found to give the greatest microbial reduction.

Basically hand sanitizers should be placed within easy reach of all employees, so there shouldn’t be any excuse for failing to use them.

It only takes one employee failing to clean their hands properly to create major problems within a fruit processing plant. Hand sanitizers are an essential part of hand hygiene compliance.
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